cogito 08 - CONTENTS



Philosophical News


Eleni Filippaki
Aesthetics without sensitivity

Vassilis Lambropoulos
What happened to theory?

Filimon Peonidis
Interview with Will Kymlicka

Vasso Kindi
Why is laughter almost inexistent in ancient Greek sculpture?

On the Resurrection of the Dead (part B)



Central Feature:
Philosophy and Economics

Yanis Varoufakis
Stupidity and Slavery as supremerationality and absolute freedom
The original sin as seen under the prism of game theory

Michael Zoumboulakis
The Value of Things

Nikos Theocharakis
The Value of Labour

Svetoslav Danchev
The Pendulum of Happiness

Yanis Varoufakis
What’s the significance of all this?

Andreas Papandreou
Ethics and Economics

Aristidis N. Hatzis
The Deadly Combination (when Law met Economics)

Euclid Tsakalotos
The philosophical “gaps” of prevalent economic thought

George Krimbas
The time of the economist

Shaun Hargreaves-Heap
Economic life and postmodernity



Giorgos Papadopoulos
Experience and empirical knowledge

Fay Zika
De Coloribus: The sound of colour

Haris Vlavianos

De Gustibus: Rothko and his synaesthetic siblings

Costis Coveos
Religious Faith vs Reason

Filippos Vassilogiannis
Atheism and ethical ataraxia

Aris Arageorgis
Generalized incompleteness: Understanding and misunderstanding of Gödel incompleteness theorems.

Elly Vintiadis
Ad Hoc: Freedom in early Marx

Fay Zika
Gardens: The transfromations of Arcadia

Stathis Veltsos
Gaston Bachelard. Ethical education through scientific culture

Costis Coveos

Katerina Bantinaki
Erotic art and pornography

Eleni Gemtou
Art and beauty; the chronicles of an immortal relation

Melenia Arouh
Cinematic form

Leo Tolstoy
The three Hermits

Efi Gazi
Book Presentation: Feminist theory and cultural criticism

Nikos Avgelis
Book Presentation: Aris Koutoungos, On Philosophical Method

Panayota Vrentzou
Book Presentation: Michel Onfray, The philosophers’ stomach

Gerasimos Kakoliris
Philosophical Library: Jacques Derrida


Critical Comments