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Philosophical News


Stathis Psillos
In the Beginning (and in the end) was Reason: Thoughts on the new wave of atheists

Elly Vintiadis
Ad hoc: Nothing is certain, but some things are more certain than others

Myrto Dragona-Monachou
Death in Delphi

Chloe Balla

Spiros Ragos

James Ryerson
Thinking Cheerfully

Kostas Tsiambaos
Greek and other versions of Hellenicity



Central Feature:
Philosophy and Modern Art

Eleni Filippaki

Konstantinos Papageorgiou
The Room of Words. Language in Contemporary Art

Drakoulis Nikolinakos
'The Philosophical Turn in Art: Anti-Aesthetics and the Art of Indifference

Katerina Bantinaki
The artistic value of ideas

Eleni Filippaki
Dissecting the Body in Contemporary Art

Fay Zika
Towards a Multisensory Aesthetics

Nikos Daskalothanassis
What is to be done?

Theophilos Traboulis
Deictics: narrative and spectacle. A few words on Destroy Athens

Konstantinos B. Proimos
Myth and reality in the work of Joseph Beuys

Yiannis Zeibekis
The concept of authenticity



Eleni Filippaki
Interview with the painter G. Hatzimichalis

Nikolas Vroussalis
Marx and Justice

Alekos Vl. Levidis

Haris Vlavianos

Gastro pubs and the limits of art

Vasso Kindi
From the progressive Vienna Circle to the “reactionary” Logical Positivism

Nikos Kakkalis
The international philosophical Olympics: «To save» philosophy in secondary education.

Vasso Kindi
Texts and their Interpretation according to Quentin Skinner

Quentin Skinner
Is the interpretation of texts still possible? (excerpt)

Spiros Moschonas

Aris Arageorgis
Nobody’s fault but mine!

Vassilis Pesmazoglou

Costis Coveos
Mass ‘culture’

Fanis Stratoudakis

Costis Coveos
Reply to F. Stratoudakis

Costis Coveos
Intimations (Skill & Ethics, Encomium, Ought and is in ethics)

Philosophical Stamps

Melenia Arouh
The absurd world of the cinematic mean

Katerina Paplomata
Musical ways of referring. A comment on Aaron Ridley’s Philosophy of Music.

Eleni Manolakaki
Is what I am listening to the “Heroic”?

Panagiotis Pangalos
Time, Memory and Imagination

Vasso Kindi
Book presentation. Critique of Gustatory Reason. Essay on philosophy, art and the culture of food.  (Kedros publishing, 2006)

Fay Zika
De gustibus disputandum est. On the Book: artCuisine: Food as art (Imako Media Publishing, 2006)

Aris Arageorgis
Book Presentation: Philosophy deals with the paradox.

Spiros Benetatos
Philosophical Library (Aristotle)


Critical Comments