cogito 06 - CONTENTS


Philosophical News

Dimitris Tziovas
Hellenicity and the 30’s generation

Dimitris Damaskos
Antiquity, archaeology and Hellenicity in 20th century Greece.

Aristidis N. Hatzis
The limits of multiculturalism

Apostolos Fertis
In place of panegyric

Vasso Kindi
On history once again

On the resurrection of the dead

Aris Arageorgis
There are no dead-ends in democracy!



Central Feature:
Modes of Philosophizing

Katerina Ierodiakonou: Modes of Philosophizing (view on-line!)

Interviews with:
Jonathan Βarnes
(view on-line!)
Myles Burnyeat
(view on-line!)
Raymond Geuss
(view on-line!)
Barry Stroud
(view on-line!)
Stelios Virvidakis
Vassilis Kalfas
Aristeidis Baltas
Pantelis Bassakos



Spyros Moschonas
A pre-scientific philosophy of language

Ilias Markolefas
Light and darkness

Chloe Balla
On philosophy as useless knowledge

Kostantinos Tsinas
‘Good lawyers and ‘good logicians’?

Elly Vintiadis
Dear prudence – Ethics and the Environment

Costis M. Coveos
Psychological health and style

Charalambos Magoulas
The image as text and as cultural object:
criticism of the criticism of the Mohammed cartoons

Sofia Efstathiou
Interview with the philosopher Paul Churchland

The Structure of Gastronomic Revolutions 

Fay Zika
A philosophy of gardens  

Kostas Tsiambaos
On the Aesth-ethics of Architecture

Melenia Arouh
In essence, cinema

Yiota Vassilopoulou
Skoufa Street from Afar – the self with variable dimensions

Costis M. Coveos

N. Vagenas
Short story

Julian Bell
An Epistle of Herr Ludwig Wittgenstein to Richard Braithwaite
(Greek translation)

Theofanis G. Grammenos
From physics to metaphysics

Panos Kapetanakis
The Philosopher’s tools

Panagiotis Thanassas
Philosophical Library: Hegel

Critical Comments