cogito 05 - CONTENTS


Philosophical News

Interview with Martha Nussbaum
by Stelios Virvidakis

Chloe Balla
Imitating Models

Costantinos Papageorgiou
Mill on Interventions

Nicholas Vrousalis
Self-Ownership and Equality: A Discussion of Left Libertarianism

David Brooks
Karl’s New Manifesto

Konstantinos Tsinas
Criminal Law meets Philosophy: The Role of ‘What-if’ questions in Criminal Law Theory



Central Feature:
Applied Ethics

Stelios Virvidakis
Applied Ethics

Interview with Myrto Dragona-Monachou

Pavlos K. Sourlas
Philosophy and Bioethics

Margaret Olivia Little

Stavroula Tsinorema
What is Bioethics?

Constantinos Papageorgiou
Cloning, from Myth to Reason

Eleni M. Kalokairinou
Are in the end the prenatal diagnoses forms of eugenics?

George Charalambous
Physician Assisted Suicide: A Moral Appraisal

Stavros Karageorgakis
Environmental Ethics

Ioanna K. Lekea
Reflections on Moral Issues Concerning the Conduct of Anti-Terrorist Warfare:
The Problem of Targeting Specific Individuals

Filimon Peonidis
Towards a Liberal Regulation of Electronic Media

Ioanna Patsioti-Tsakpounidi
Business Ethics in the Modern World


An Interview with James Conant
by Vasso Kindi

Elly Vintiadis
Ad hoc: The Thief of Time

Haris Vlavianos

Fay Zika
De Coloribus: David Batchelor. Colour is…

Spyros Moshonas
Language: New "language issues"

De Gustibus

Eleni Filippaki
On Love

An Expert replies to “On Love”

Voula Tsouna
Rationality and the Fear of Death

Stelios Virvidakis
The Meaning of Life

John Somerville

Eugene Aggelopoulos
Proof in the Kaleidoscope

Fay Zika
Gardens: Liti's Engendered Leaves

Alexandra Magouti & Aristides Hatzis
The Reality of Others

Golfo Maggini
Women and Moral Theory: Martha Nussbaum - Seyla Benhabib

Costis M. Coveos

George Papadopoulos
Reduction and Elimination

Charalambos S. Ierodiakonou
Aristotle’s “Pleasure-Pain”, Freud’s “Lust-Unlust”

Peggy Voutsina
Oh! It’s a Miracle, or else, a Violation of Natural Law

Yiota Vassilopoulou
Skoufa Street from Afar

Melenia Arouh
Off-screen Space

Kyriaki Fetfatzi
Women Eunuchs of Hollywood
Representations of the feminine in Hollywood movies

Pavlos Lefas
The Bone and the Bludgeon, the Cave and the House

Costis M. Coveos
The Mozart-Da Ponte Blend

Demetra Sgouroudi
Committed to Literal Language and Supporting Metaphor: Can the Conflict be Resolved?

George Xiropaidis

Pavlos Kontos
Philosophical Library: Edmund Husserl

Critical Comments