cogito 03 - CONTENTS


Philosophical News

Vincent Mueller
What is our fatherland?

Vasso Kindi
Church and State

Aristidis Hatzis
Star Trek's “Prime Directive

Mark Tansey
West face

M.Z. Kopidakis
Odysseas Elytis


Central Feature:

Vassilis Voutsakis, Fay Zika
The meaning of privacy

Interview with Michael Frede by Fay Zika:
Privacy in ancient times

Andreas Takis
Is Privacy the ultimate value?

Vassilis Voutsakis
Privacy and Autonomy

T.K. Vidalis
Private affairs: Decisions regarding the body and bioethics


Elias Markolefas
Light and Darkness

On philosophers and their beards

Does Antinoos’ Law hold?

Stelios Virvidakis
De Coloribus-If the red colour could talk

Aris Arageorgis
Games and Paradoxes: The unexpected hanging

Spyros Moschonas
Language: The prototype language

Interview with Alexander Nehamas by Eleni Filippaki and Vassilis Voutsakis:
The Art of Living

Elias Markolefas

Fay Zika

A Dialogue about a Fat Duck

George Papadopoulos
Monism, Dualism, Reductionism in biological Sciences

Vassilis Karakostas

Haris Vlavianos

Stelios Virvidakis
Philosophy and/or/as Literature: Variations

Stathis Psillos
M.C. Escher: The Art of the Impossible

Athena Syriatou
An Arena of Memory

Fay Zika
Light, Image, Illusion

Melenia Arouh
Feminism and Hollywood

Eleni Manolakaki
Silence: within or in the surroundings of the musical?

Costis Coveos
A Night at Herodeion

Elly Vintiadis
Ad Hoc: Dennet's Dangerous Idea

Costis Coveos

Filimon Peonidis
The reefs of translation: Fairness for Political Liberalism

Pavlos Kalligas
A.A. Long, Pre-Socratic Philosophers (Book Review)

Claudia Benthien
Skin (Book Review)

Chloe Balla
Philosophical Library-Plato

Critical Comments