cogito 02 - CONTENTS


Philosophical News

Pantelis Kapsis
Politics as hypocricy

Antonis Makrydemetris
Ethics and Politics: a third View

Aristidis Hatzis
The limits of Liberty

Filimon Peonidis
The "adventures" of the scarf


Central Feature:
History and Narrative

Theodore Arabatzis

Nikos Themelis
Novels and History   

Mark Mazower
History and the Historical Novel

Vasso Kindi
History and Narrative

Stelios Virvidakis
History and Narrative:
Some Naïve Questions

Hayden White
The Fictions of Factual Representation, trans. Katerina Virvidaki

George Yannoulopoulos
Seferis and Anglosaxon modernism


Elias Markolefas
Light and Darkness

On philosophical beards

Fay Zika
De Coloribus: Basic Colours

Katerina Ierodiakonou
Basic Colours in Ancient Greek Thought

Costas Pagondiotis
Consciousness, Perception and Blindsight

Spyros Moschonas
Language: Language Standardization

Aris Arageorgis
Games and Paradoxes: There is no time for you!

Gödel’s island and God’s eye (correspondence)

Fay Zika
John Locke

Alkis Aggelou
How modern Greek thought learned of
Locke’s Essay

Gregory Molyvas
Locke and the peculiarity of English Radicalism

Fay Zika
Gardens: Marvel-ous Gardens

Eleni Filippaki
On Love [and Imagination]

De Gustibus: In the Shadow of Wine

Haris Vlavianos

Eleni Manolakaki
On understanding music

Melenia Arouh
Cinema and Biography

Manolis Simos
Les Invasions Barbares

Costis Coveos
The “Loss” of Sofia Coppola

Eat Quietly: Epicure - the philosopher, the Modern Epicurean and the Quiet Gastronomy

Elly Vintiadis
Ad Hoc: The Problematic Ethics of Professional Sports

Costis Coveos

Vasso Kindi
The reefs of translation: Freedom or Liberty

Golfo Maggini
A footnote about footnotes


Elias Markolefas
Philosophical Library: Immanuel Kant

Demetra Sgouroudi
Jacques Derrida, White Mythology (Book Review)

Chloe Balla
Persuasion (Book Review)

Critical Comments