cogito 01 - CONTENTS


Philosophical News

Vasso Kindi
Ethics and Politics

Stelios Virvidakis
What could the “moralization of politics” mean?

Nikos Alivizatos
The Constitutions of the War of Independence as the origin of modern constitutionalism

Aristidis Hatzis
The “L” Word (‘L’ for liberalism)


Central Feature:

Spyros Benetatos
The Love of the Friend

Spyros Rangos
Friendship, Virtue and Human End:
an outdated view.

Elias Markolefas
Old and New Friendships

Eleni Filippaki
Here lies friendship …

Vassilis Xydias
From communitarianism to friendship


Elias Markolefas
Light and Darkness

Fay Zika
De Coloribus: Basic Aporias

Antonis Liakos
To Ask or to Listen? The Politics of Cultural Heritage

Filimon Peonidis
Philosophers on the University

Discussion on Lost in Translation:
Vasso Kindi, Haris Vlavianos, Fay Zika

Theodore Arabatzis
Philosophy Meets History: What is a Historical Fact?

Spyros Moschonas

Aris Arageorgis
Games and Paradoxes:
Murder on Gödel’s island

Haris Vlavianos

Fay Zika
Gardens: Artificial Flowers

De Gustibus: A Dialogue on Subjectivity

Katerina Ierodiakonou
Representations of Thinking

Eleni Filippaki
Pain: Passion, Compassion, Sensibility
(A Welcome Trust Exhibition)

Fay Zika
“Tread softly because you tread on my memories…”

Fay Zika
The Scientific Origins of Abstract Art

Stelios Virvidakis
Experiencing and Dealing with the Absurd

Petros Polymenis
Scenes from Nowhere

Costis Coveos

Melenia Arouh
The two sea-shores of the philosophy of cinema

Eleni Manolakaki
Music: non-translatable language

Albert Arouh
Does Flavour Have Taste?

Elly Vintiadis
Ad Hoc: Sweet Dreams

Costis Coveos

Costis Coveos
Philosophical Library: L. Wittgenstein

Stathis Psillos
The Will or Reasons to believe?

Chloe Balla
Philosophy in Secondary Education (Book review).

Critical Comments